Skatzow & Chaze is formed by long time friends Stephan Hermans (Skatzow) and Roy van Ringelenstein (Chaze).
They’ve met eachother through mutual friends round the year 2009 and shared the same passion, spinning and creating harddance music.

Stephan began his story in the hardstyle scene in 2006. He began with only spinning tracks and quickly found out that he liked to make edits out of existing songs and mashing them up. He then started producing in 2008. He never stopped loving composing songs and tweaking sounds. He developed an interest of wanting to know how a certain sound is built from scratch. This helped him alot in creating sounds for the newer tracks of Skatzow & Chaze.

Roy was pulled into the hardstyle scene round the year of 2007, loving those screeches and melodies. He had already started with producing trance and dance songs by that time, but quickly changed to hardstyle from that point on. Making kicks, leads and composing a track was and still is his biggest passion next to spinning hardstyle.

Stephan & Roy both love the hardstyle sound from the 2006-2010 era and trying to bring back that early sound a little bit more. They both had solo ‘carreers’, made an appointment to join forces in the studio for a collaboration. The click was there from the start and decided to join forces, with the goal to make even better tracks than they ever could by themselves. They both stand for quality above quantity and are always experimenting with different styles of sounds to use.

So, the goal is set, the plans are made, watch out for Skatzow & Chaze in the future.

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